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Thursday, February 14, 2013


Time just a flash of light... turn on and off and here comes my 23rd Valentine day...

It seems yesterday I was celebrating my 18th birthday.... now.. im 23 in age and seriously don't no what to do with my future right now. Last time tho that things gonna go smooth and everything gonna be alright... yet... things getting tougher and tougher everytime we grow in age. I just feel helpless whenever i started to think all these shits... 

Currently everyone celebrating 2013 CNY... and I myself sitting in the house stoning around like this. unlike the younger time... so happy and impatiently waiting for CNY to come.. now im paralyzed with it... like what my dad said... we must learn to enjoy even tho there is nothing much to cheer for... i did what i really need to do as a child, as a family, as a man who shows in a mature way...

I planned to go for visiting and refused my friends by not going for a trip in Melaka... because i and my parent only able to visit my dad side relative in festive season... so.... which is more important... but my dad just said i had a choice... i seriously dont no what he really tho off... idk... things that are difficult to explain in words... :\

some times i just feel that im helpless.. lately keep thinking about my future.. what i really wanna do... what is my dream... i really have no ideas with any of these... 

Monday, January 28, 2013


Just think about it.... I feel like so helpless and sad whenever went out with my friends... see them buying thiamin and that, eating this and that...

Seriously, money really an issue for me.... even I worked... with my paid.... I still don't no whether I'm able to live with that amount of wages.... I don't nk whether I can live like my friends spending money whenever they want...

Sad.... and I already realised these issues couple years ago... and I able to endure these after this few years... give myself an applause...

Thursday, January 17, 2013

15-1-2013 KPOP!!!!

Guess what... i and my fellow friends went to the airport on this day to pickup


Unforgettable night where i able to meet them so clear and near!!!!


Suzy waved at me!!! ARGGG!!!! Eunjung too!!! Jiyoen too!! Hyomin too!! and even Boram!!!! NOOO

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

[28112012] Tough Month!!!!

I guess it passed few weeks before I wrote a new post in my blog :\

what to do.. im busy like hell... everyday coding and coding for this whole month... basically mid november till now... keep working on my project that gonna due soon... and yet now still half way hanging @@

meanwhile, rushing other assignments also.. for last few weeks.. arGGG!!! seriously overload... but now.. left some lab tasks and my project.. guess everything gonna be alright :)

this coming friday is my final exam.. and yet im working with my project.. seriously... m i mad???

besides my education.. i do face some stress towards my own living.... money?! relationship?! others?!

idk... stress stress stress... hmm.... everyday late sleep at 4 to 5 am. morning... woke up at the afternoon then continue working with my project.. suddenly fell lifeless... :(

sob... hope i can sleep early today... peace...

Wednesday, November 14, 2012




Saturday, November 10, 2012

[08102012] + [09102012]

[08102012] - Prom Night!!

This is the night where everyone dress up beautifully and smartly to attend the Grammy Night organized by INTIMA.

But for me.... is a tiring day.... cause i need to setup for the prom due that im the markerting/publicity crew, so i had no choice to prepare stuff with my other crews. at 1.00pm i started preparing the places with banners up and arrange the tables due that our crews are handling the registration booth that night. after that 2.30pm i only started to went back to fetch JY and Esther back to Klang... Why? Because i needa cut my hair and setup for my hair before going there. 4.30pm i went to Setia City Mall to buy my blazer for the Prom night. Without hesitate, i chosen my blazer hastily and quickly get them back to the car and rush back to further prepared. reached home at 5.30pm and get my suit on. Around 6.20pm only reached Empire to prepare the registration booth and started my work after that.

That night im handling the VIPs to register their name before entering them into the hall. it was lots of handsome guys and beautiful girls dressed up glamorously and attend for the prom. No regret, i taken lots of pictures with my friend hahaha!! pretty girls too!! keke~~

After the prom ended, i fetch Caryn back home while Bally and WenHao followed at the back. So i sat their car back too. Lastly, we had our supper at McDonald and chit chatting the whole night till 3am at the morning !!! Awww...
(I and Calvin)

(The DICT!)

For more pictures, please do drop by my facebook profile :D

[09102012] - On the Rainy Day

Early morning slept late and delay me and my friend date. Im so sorry about that, we had a simple lunch together at WongKok and so rain started to fall heavily before we started to went back. When I reached outside of my house, there is no chance for me to go to face the heavy rain without getting wet. So my friend suggested to chit chat a while in the day. It was a wonderful moment while enjoying and listening to the rain drop fallen outside and the atmosphere where both of us really talk a lot. Seriously, that moment gonna be part of my memories and im gonna keep it :D

At night I went to my friend house Kah Siang for some liquor~~ We had chats and playing around with jokes and fun. Although something happened and someone spell out the truth.. but actually it is a great thing to let someone knew that someone really cares how they feel to them. it doesnt means a bad thing anyway.. so dont feel bad :D you did a great job.. if you are reading my blog right now keke~~

Anyway... im tired right now... gonna piss off to my bed!!! later~

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

[11072012] Such a busy week!!!

seriously, i had been soooooooooo busy since this week monday till thurday!!!

i really can't take it, im so stress right now and tired....

Assignments, FYP aka final year project, societies, events, and prom night....

what the hell... i still left lots of assignments to do and i don't even have the time seriously... whenever i reached home... i seriously too tired to do... my eyes like wanna close whole time.... now i feel like my room just like a hotel... whenever i finished shopping outside i just go back take a bath, relax a while then sleep... that's how i treat my room now...

morning session classes and chill a little while, after entering the night... after dinner... is time to work... for this few days i had been not having a very proper sleep and meal anyway.... i wanna do assignment but seriously things do pop up and interrupted me. example, my LAPTOP!!! can you be better and not making things lag and slow? seriously it effect my working speed.... not only that... beside assignments, i still need to work with my resume, event stuff and my societies stuff... expecially prom night.. now i really feel stress right now... tml is the prom night... i also not sure whether i can successfully complete what i need to do in my department.. hopefully other department do have a smooth ending...

i got scold by my lecturer on the other day... i seriously feel upset and fed up... i seriously..... i dont no how to say.... disappointed on myself very very much.. very very VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!

i dont no what to do but stoning myself there....